Want some fun😂

Let’s play a small quiz game :-

  1. Which one will you choose?
    1. Costly candle light dinner with a date
    2. Free Biryani with friends
    3. None of the Above
  2. What do you prefer the most?
    1. Late night talks
    2. Movies + Games
    3. Eat + Drink + Sleep
  3. How will you propose?
    1. A romantic conversation, followed by dinner, music and all unnecessary things to convince her to become the mother of your kids.
    2. Romantic Conversation? What’s that? Oye, I Love you.
    3. Forget about it, it is beyond your limit.
  4. Take a Quick Decision
    1. Quality time with a date
    2. Beer party with friends.
    3. Ind-Pak match
  5. Which destination will you choose?
    1. Any Honeymoon destination
    2. Vaishno Devi Temple
    3. Your Bed
  6. How do you initiate a conversation?
    1. Hey there, Apart from being sexy what do you do for living?
      Or, Hey I am Microsoft, can I crash in your life?
    2. Hi
    3. Blank
  7. How do you give compliments?
    1. Guy: You know beautiful is my favorite color.
      Girl: That is not a color.
      Guy: It is the color of you in this dress.
      (Even though it is a plain lie)
    2. Giving compliments is against your ego.
    3. Never heard about compliments before.
  8. What comprises your friend circle?
    1. Mix of girls and guys.
    2. Only Guys
    3. Mobile and Laptop only
  9. If a girl says- she is fat and ugly. What will be your response?
    1. “You don’t have to be skinny to be beautiful.”
    2. You don’t say anything, because you don’t give a damn
    3. Agree with her.
  10. And if a girl proposes and says, “I Love You”. What will be your response?
    1. Again some cheesy lines.
    2. Yeah that’s true, “I Love myself too.”
    3. And you die because of overdose of happiness.

Now quiz time is over. Let’s analyze your answers:-

A – If most of your answers are A, I envy you buddy. And if you are still single then there must be some fault in your stars.

B – Buddy you want to be committed, but somehow your attitude and Biryani become heavier than your romantic life. Being Single is your choice.

C – You are meant to die single. Stand in a queue with me.✌😂


🐋Blue whale challenge?

This game was designed by a Russian psychologist named Philipp Budeikin in 2013

Let me tell you about this game

  • This game has 50challenges,you have to complete one challenge per day
    • At first challenges will be very easy
      • Like wake up at 4am
      • Goto graveyard alone at night
      • Watch horror movies and upload a selfie (they provide movies)
    • Later challenges become more scary
      • Shout on your mom for no reason
      • Mock your dad for no reason
      • Stand on a hill cliff and take a selfie
      • upload a picture of your bike’s speedometer when it is in top speed
      • Draw blue whale picture on your hand with blade
      • Upload your naked photo
      • Spill hot oil on your hand
  • This game slowly makes player fearless
  • Players even stop respecting their parents since they aren’t afraid of them

Incidents happend in India:

  1. 7th grade student in Indore,Madhya Pradesh tried to jump from 3rd floor in his school, fortunately he was saved by his fellow students
  2. 15years lad in mamidnapur,West Bengal died because of suffocation in bathroom
    • He himself wrapped his head in a plastic cover and tied with a nylon rope

3. 14 years old kid in Solapur ,Maharashtra ran away from home and he also wrote a letter saying he will die for sure if some one searched for him

  • Luckily he took his phone with him so police found him by tracing the network

4. 31st July, a 9th class student in andheri,mumbai informed his classmates that he wasn’t coming to school tomorrow and jumped from 5th floor, unfortunately he died.

Game strategy : HYPNOTISM

  1. Giving immense pleasure of achieving
  2. Habituating player to follow the commands
  3. Making the player fearless
  4. Blackmailing the player(yes,it blackmails the players by showing their naked photos which were uploaded by them)
  5. The end

Players think that they are playing the game but no they have been played by the game

ps :

  1. since it is not available in playstore.
  2. You can uploade all fake details while registering and saved yourself from blackmailing.
  3. copy of that game is still available in VK(social network like facebook in russia).
  4. #🐋Be safe

Most embrassing things that ever happened to you in class

Whole Class : *looking at the board*

Me : *Playing with my pen*

*Suddenly the pen flies from my hand across the room*

Whole Class : (-_-) *Looking at me as if I killed someone*


Whole Class : *Listening to the lecture*

Me : *Clicking my pen continuously* *Didn’t realise Sir was noting that*

Sir : ‘Class Start writing & you……………… !! one more click with that thing in your hand and you’re out of Class’

Me : (inside) *How do I tell him I need to click it once more to use it? *

(Anyways, I clicked it ! Luckily Sir didn’t hear that but those who heard it gave me a Death Stare) (-_-)


Teacher *Cracks a joke*

Whole Class : *bursts into laughter*

*10 mins later*

Whole Class : *Pin drop Silence*

Me : *Remembers same joke again* *laughs loudly*

Whole Class : (-_-) *Looking as if I’m on drugs*

Yeah !! I used to be a stock of embarrassments sometimes .




You  Actually Can’t Multi-Task

I know it’s popular to think that you are multi-tasking, but the research is clear that people actually can’t multi-task, with one specific exception.

One thing at a time – For many years the psychology research has shown that people can only attend to one task at a time. Let me be even more specific. The research shows that people can attend to only one cognitive task at a time. You can only be thinking about one thing at a time. You can only be conducting one mental activity at a time. So you can be talking or you can be reading. You can be reading or you can be typing. You can be listening or you can be reading. One thing at a time.

We fool ourselves – We are pretty good at switching back and forth quickly, so we THINK we are actually multi-tasking, but in reality we are not.

The one exception — The only exception that the research has uncovered is that if you are doing a physical task that you have done very very often and you are very good at, then you can do that physical task while you are doing a mental task. So if you are an adult and you have learned to walk then you can walk and talk at the same time.

Then again, maybe there isn’t an exception –  Even this doesn’t work very well, though. A study being published in December shows that people talking on their cell phones while walking, run into people more often and don’t notice what is around them. The researchers had someone in a clown suit ride a unicycle. The people talking on a cell phone were much less likely to notice or remember the clown.

But the millennial generation can multi-task, right? – A study at Stanford University demonstrates well that multi-tasking doesn’t work, even with college students. Clifford Nass’s study (published in August of 2009 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences), found that when people are asked to deal with multiple streams of information they can’t pay attention to them, can’t remember as well, and don’t switch as well as they would have thought.

Introverted Thinking…?

  1. Phone keeps ringing. ” ohh I am not busy, I noticed it ring” Shhhh! Go silent please….😏😏
  2. Work ends at 5 PM, leave after everyone has left, though it takes longer. Trying to avoid usual boring…..questions.😉😉
  3. Prefer that back, isolated seat in the bus, no mater how vacant the front ones are.😇😇😠
  4. Plans got cancelled! Yaaaaay!! I have all the time to myself  :)😂
  5. Oh weekend? I am held up! What do I do? Cook, eat, sleep- repeat.😎😎
  6. The most safe and comfortable place in the world is my bed and under my blanket…..😘😘
  7. That awkward noise which the bike makes! Pass through as soon as possible. Noise is my enemy…..Hmmm.😬😬
  8. I see an animal ‘Awww, so cute how you doing today?’. I see a human *act like I am dreaming, avoid eye contact*😆😆
  9. Before calling me please …think again….‘Is this textable?’ Don’t disturb me again and again..😶😶
  10. I am pathetic at keeping in touch, but if I do then you’re really special to me …..:)😍
  11. …….(continued……

Random Facts about me😃

  1. I’m19 years old boy.
  2. I’m currently in an university and doing engineering.
  3. i love trying new recipes. i found it very enjoyable momemt.
  4. i spend most of my free time on Games.
  5. i still cant drive yet.
  6. I’m a huge cheerleader when it comes to supporting my friends.
  7. I’m very sentimental.
  8. i love coffee.
  9. i get attached way too easily.
  10. …(continued…..😃😃😃

Duty vs Responsibility

Image result for friends


Today i am going to talking about responsibility

have you ever taken any responsibility or not…..

i asked it from many persons ….the answer was very normal……yes i have taken..

like i bought beer for y friends…

i am using dusbins

i helped a old man etc…

but the original truth is that helping your friends,family and peoples is not a responsibility…

that’s your duty….you are a human and doing helps to each other without expecting a return gift.. that’s your duty.


The Internet

Billions of people do. But at an economic cost.

It’s called the digital divide.

Once you get used to it, it is as difficult to get rid of as smoking.

As Aman Thakur said, “It’s very easy to give up smoking. I have done it many times.”

So the answer would be – I could, but why?

Does it come with the Surgeon General’s warning?

Internet is an important part of our life in the 21st century.
Internet made our life easier in many ways.
The internet has grown to become the most popular medium used for communication.
In the 21st century, The entire world is depending upon the internet.
I think no any sector can think their business without the internet.
Technology like smartphones,  computers, etc. are useless without internet.

Yes, I can. If you want know if you can, do the following :

  1. List out the importance of internet in your life(no, don’t google), and you’ll get the answer. If not, proceed to the second step.
  2. Try it out! Try living without the internet(at your own risk). Set target for the same.

Life of a COC player

Clash of clan

 Fasttt…forward… Year 2020..

Townhall level 22, hogs level 15. Mobile screen size would not be enough to display a base properly.

Bases getting divided into sub-bases. Separate wars being held for different sub-bases 

 and researches costing trillions of gold and elixir.

 Still the game wouldnt die😂😂😂

Using a known cliche here
If there are 100 players playing CoC, I am one of them😘
If there is only one player playing CoC, it’s going to be me.

If there are no more players of CoC, then I am dead.😁😁



Minions (real name Jarras Minion) is a fictional DC Comics superhero best known as a member of the Teen Titans and for giving the Omegadrome armor to Cyborg. He first appears in New Teen Titans #114 (September 1994), and was created by Marv Wolfman and Rick Mays.

Minions are small, yellow creatures who have existed since the beginning of time, evolving from yellow single-celled organisms into beings who exist only to serve history’s most despicable masters.



Why minions Love Banana:

They Loves yellow color.

Bananas are one of the most widely eaten fruits in the world and are great for your health. They are naturally fat and cholesterol free, packed with potassium, vitamin C, Vitamin B-6, Manganese, fiber and a range of other nutrients.